The Phaeton

Victorians loved their dogs and so do we, and it shows with pictures of noble hounds on the walls. There are white rocking chairs on a large corner balcony that overlooks the harbor and a large Jacuzzi for your enjoyment. The Phaeton is decorated in warm shades of browns and creams. This sun-drenched room is a perennial favorite among our Carriage House Harbor guests.

At A Glance
  • Second floor
  • Queen bed
  • Jacuzzi with separate shower
  • Private Balcony
  • Fireplace (seasonal)
  • Gourmet breakfast
  • Popcorn and cookies
  • Wifi
  • Smart TV/DVD
  • 2 plush bathrobes
  • BeeKind toiletries
  • Hair dryer
  • Charging station
  • Extension cord
  • Parking space in our private lot
Photo Gallery

Room Rate: $180 – $330 per night.

A Little Victorian History

For a fashionable woman in Victorian England, a pet miniature dog was as indispensable as an opera box or presentation at court. She was nobody without her pet who accompanied her wherever she went. The royal pet was fed and housed according to canine requirements, as daintily as the heir to the title and estates. In spite of the devotion of mistresses to their dogs, however, it must be admitted that they were extremely fickle in their attachments, as the fashion in lapdogs changed as rapidly as that in gowns and bonnets.

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