Suzanne Schloss

Suzanne Schloss purchased Carriage House at the Harbor in 2006. Born as a native southern girl, Suzanne grew up in Texas. She often says, “You can take the girl out of Texas but not the Texas out of the girl.”

It had been her dream to own a bed and breakfast, almost purchasing one in her late 20’s. Suzanne’s motivation behind owning an inn was her love for people, her passion for entertaining, and her interest in creative endeavors.

David Zeff helped Suzanne manage the inn and was loved by all who knew him. Sadly, he passed away in 2014.

Suzanne has owned of four successful businesses:  The Squash Blossom, an American jewelry store, You Name It, a trendy card and gift store, Esses a one of a kind clothing store and a nationally recognized catalog company called Sweets in Bloom. 

Suzanne is so happy she decided to purchase the Inn and delights in accommodating every guest and making the most out of their experience at the Carriage House in South Haven.

Kelly Schloss

Kelly Schloss, Suzanne’s daughter-in-law, has been preparing for this job her whole life. She was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and exudes Southern hospitality to all that visit the inn. She and Suzanne have a lot in common as she is also an entrepreneur.  She started her first business at 21 when she moved to Cincinnati and opened No Anchovies, a hip pizza spot. Later she opened The Comet in Northside which served Chipoltle style burritos before Chipoltle was even a thing!  Changing directions, she set her sights on the clothing business and opened a stylish boutique called Suki. 

Kelly visited South Haven frequently helping her mother-in-law Suzanne redecorate rooms at the Inn and instantly became passionate about all things Carriage House. Peek in rooms when you visit; unoccupied rooms are open so you can check out their designs and pick your favorite room for future visits. 

Kelly loves her job as an innkeeper and jokes that it is like living in a Hallmark movie. You know the one, big city girl ending up at a small-town inn. A true people-person and hostess at heart makes her the perfect innkeeper. Don’t hesitate to share any need for she is happy to help in any way possible.