Suzanne Schloss is the owner the Carriage House at the Harbor Bed and Breakfast in South Haven, Michigan. Born as a native southern girl, Suzanne grew up in Texas. She often says, “you can take the girl out of Texas but not the Texas out of the girl.”

It has always been her dream to own a bed and breakfast. Actually, she almost purchased one in her late 20’s. Suzanne’s motivation behind the owning an Inn was her love for people, her passion for entertaining, and her interest in creative endeavors.

Suzanne and David Zeff purchased the inn in 2006.  He handled the finances and Suzanne the day to day operations. Mr. Zeff was loved by all that new him. Sadly, he passed away in 2014.

Suzanne delights in accommodating every guest and making the most out of their experience at the Inn and in South Haven.

Suzanne has been the businesses owner of four successful businesses including, Squash Blossom, an American jewelry store with two locations, You Name It, a trendy card and gift store with three locations, Esses a one of a kind clothing store and a nationally recognized catalog company called Sweets In Bloom. She possesses exceptional experience as an entrepreneur. Currently working from home amid the pandemic, she remains actively involved with the business.

Her daughter-in-law, Kelly Schloss was the imperious behind all the recent redecorating at the Inn. Her love for the Carriage House and her concern for her mother-in-law encouraged her to buy a house in South Haven and take over many of Suzanne’s duties.

Kelly Schloss is the kind and caring innkeeper of the Carriage House at the Harbor. Kelly adores people and is happy to assist them with their stay to make them feel at home. She also takes great joy in maintaining the inn and finding new ways to update it for guests. “I love antiquing and trying to come up with ways to tie in modern conveniences with Victorian style. I envision the Carriage House growing every year and maybe a room rehab or a patio project.” Kelly grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and in 1990, at just 20 years old, she moved to Cincinnati to open a pizza place called No Anchovies. After this, she set her sights on establishing another restaurant that reminded her of the places she frequented in her hometown which became The Comet. Successful from day one, and still a Cincinnati favorite for Mexican cuisine, it has repeatedly won “Best Bar” and has received jukebox awards. After two restaurant openings, Kelly launched Suki, a trendy boutique hosting beautiful clothing collections for all ages.