The Brewster

Hues of chocolate and creams romanticize this elegant guest room. This room emits old world charm with many original oil paintings and lots of velvet. A trip to South Haven isn’t complete without watching one of our fabulous sunsets from the sandy beach of Lake Michigan. So, before you settle in, walk across the street and be amazed.

At A Glance
  • First floor
  • Queen bed
  • Jacuzzi/shower combo
  • Fireplace (seasonal)
  • Gourmet breakfast
  • Popcorn and cookies
  • Wifi
  • Smart TV/DVD
  • 2 plush bathrobes
  • BeeKind toiletries
  • Hair dryer
  • Charging station
  • Extension cord
  • Parking space in our private lot

Room Rate: $189 – $289 per night.

A Little Victorian History

In 1895, Thomas Crapper bought a patent for a “Silent Valveless Water Waste Preventer,” and began making toilets. “In the crapper” comes from his name. In 1890, Scott Tissue came out with the first toilet tissue paper on a roll. Selling this “unmentionable” was difficult; it couldn’t be advertised. Chemists sold it by bringing it up from under the counter, as people were too embarrassed to ask for it. As far forward as 1935, Northern Tissue advertised its tissues as “splinter-free.” Ouch.

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