The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing, announcing the arrival of another lovely spring here at the Carriage House. The breezes off the lake have warmed, and one could lose themselves watching the majestic masts of the sailboats roll with the gentle waves in the Harbor.

We are thankful for another spring at the Carriage House, and enjoy the bustle of activity as the city of South Haven prepares for the coming summer months. There is so much to do during the warmer months it is difficult to choose which activity to enjoy next! Look through the list of area happenings we have provided in this issue of the Messenger. There are bound to be many that will stir your enthusiasm!

We hope to see you soon!
Suzanne and David

May 1-
June 5
Light Up The Sky
local artists
South Haven Center for the Arts
May 1 Woodcock Walk at Dunes State Park
DeGraaf Nature Center
May 2 Girls Afternoon Out  Cooking Seminars at
Fenn Valley Winery

May 2 Jennie De Voe Band 
Folk-Funk-Rock music Think Bonnie Raitt fused with Tina SCA
May 2 Jack Tabler guitarist
What Not Inn
May 2 Star of Saugatuck Opens Paddleboat down the Kalamazoo River

May 3 Entyce Croons 
The What Not Inn
May 3-
June 5
Local Artists Exhibit 
South Haven Center for the Arts
May 9 Tuesdays in the Park Concerts - Fennville
May 9 International Migratory Bird Day  VanRaalte Farm - DeGraaf Nature Center
May 9 Harry Lucas & The Lowdown Blues Band 
The What Not Inn
May 9 Farmer's Market
May 10 Mary Rademacher sings
at The What Not Inn
May 10 Michigan Volkswagen Enthusiasts
GingerMan Raceway
May 12 West Michigan Drum Circle
at Felt Mansion
May 13 Holland Farmer's Market Opens
May 16 Farmers Market
May 16 Steelheaders Pro-Am Fishing Tournament

May 16 Garden Club Plant SaleSaugatuck
May 16 Entourage sings
at The What Not Inn
May 16 Annual Wildflower Sale 
Sarett Nature Center 
May 16-17 Ferrari Club of America 
GingerMan Raceway
May 16 Farmer's Market  Downtown
May 17 The Michael Holmes Trio
The What Not Inn
June 2 History of South Haven in Story and Song 
Historical Association of South Haven
June 3 Farmer's Market 
June 3-7 The Fire Within Exhibit 
Khnemu Studio
June 4 Thursday's Riverfront Concert Series 
Riverfront Park
June 5-7 NARRA 
GingerMan Raceway
June 6 Farmer's Market 
June 6 Festival of Cars 
June 6 Entourage sings
The What Not Inn  
June 6-7 Friends Good Will Sails
June 6 Lake Macatawa Triathlon 
June 6 Marcia Ball  4-time Grammy Nominee. "The bayou queen of the piano" will raise the roof with southern boogie  roadhouse blues and SCA
June 7 Tim Johnson Trio 
The What Not Inn
June 9 Tuesdays in the Park Concerts - Fennville
June 9 Gangsters in
Berrien County

Historical Association of South Haven
June 9 West Michigan Drum Circle
Felt Museum
June 10 Farmer's Market
June 10-14 The Fire Within 
Khnemu Studio
June 11-12 Friends Good Will
Sunset Sail
June 12-13 Michigan Flywheelers Swap Meet and Flea Market
June 12-13 Strawberry Festival 
June 13 Entyce croons 
The What Not Inn
June 13 Farmer's Market 
June 13-14 Sports Bike Track Time
GingerMan Raceway  
June 14 Mary Rademacher sings
The What Not Inn
June 17 Farmer's Market
June 17-21 The Fire Within 
Khnemu Studio
June 18 Riverfront Concert Series Riverfront Park
June 18-21 Harborfest
Lots going on in town
June 19 Michigan Viper Club
GingerMan Raceway
June 20 Lane Automotive
Car Show 

GingerMan Raceway
June 20 Saugatuck Art
& Craft Show
June 20 Annual Classic
Wooden Boat Show
by the bridge
June 20 Farmer's Market • Downtown
June 20 Christy G sings 
The What Not Inn
June 21 Michael Holmes Trio
The What Not Inn
June 23 The Many Faces of Family and Local History 
Historical Association of South Haven
June 24 Live Music in the Park 
Wicks Park Gazebo in Saugatuck
June 24 Farmer's Market • Downtown
June 24-27 The Fire Within Exhibit 
Khnemu Studio
June 25 Thursday's Riverfront Concert Series 
Riverfront Park

The first fruit to ripen in the spring, Southern Michigan's strawberry harvest begins the third or fourth week in June.

The strawberry, a member of the rose family, is the only fruit with it's seeds on the outside. An average berry has 200 seeds.

Have fun picking strawberries at our local farms:

Earl’s Farm Market
South Haven, 269-227-6312
Dutch Farm Market
South Haven, 269-637-8334
Kismit Organic Fruit Farm
Fennville, 616-510-9113
Berrien Springs, 269-471-1401
L.H. Piggott
Benton Harbor, 616-925-8079

Call to make sure they are ready to pick and have some berries left!

Picking tips for strawberries:
Always look for dry, firm, bright red berries with fresh green caps on.
When you remove the caps, you tear cells in the berries, activating ascorbic acid oxidase, an enzyme that destroys

Vitamin C.

1. Grasp the stem just above the berry
between the forefinger and thumbnail
and pull with a slight twist motion.

2. With the stem broken about one-half inch from the berry, allow it to roll into your palm.

3. Repeat using both hands until each holds 3 or 4 berries.

4. Carefully place the fruit into your

5. Don’t overfill your containers or pack the berries down.


May 18 Great Lakes Lotus Club  
GingerMan Raceway
May 22-24 Memorial Day Weekend 
Concert Series at SCA
May 23 Farmer's Marke
May 23 The Wonder Bread Years 
Baby-Boomer Comedy at  SCA
May 23-30 Wildflower Sale  
DeGraaf Nature Center
May 23-25  Friends of Good Will 
Tall Ship Sails
May 25 Memorial Day Parade  
South Haven 9AM
May 26 Saugatuck Green Market Opens  every Friday - parking lot of SCA
May 26-30 The Full Monty 
Live at the Mason Street Warehouse in Saugatuck
May 27 History of the House of David   Historical Association of South Haven
May 27-31 The Fire Within  • Khnemu Studio
May 28 Riverfront Concert Series  Riverfront Park Concerts throughout the spring & summer
May 29-30 River Valley Kart Club 
GingerMan Raceway
May 30 - 31 Friends of Good Will
Tall Ship Sails
May 30 Farmer's Market • Downtown
May 31 Allegan Antique Market  
400 exhibitors Allegan Fairgrounds

June 26-
July 19
The Full Monty 
Saugatuck's Mason Street Warehouse
June 26-28 Windy City BMW 
GingerMan Raceway
June 27 Farmer's Market  Downtown
June 27 15th Annual South Haven
Cottage Walk
June 27-
Aug 5
South Haven
Self-Guided Tour
June 27 Volleyball Tournament 
North Beach
June 27 Fenn Valley Wine Fest 
Tours, wine tasting  food  live music 1-5PM 
Fenn Valley Winery 
June 27 Jack Tabler  - guitar 
What Not Inn
June 27-30 Friends Good Will Sails
June 28 Annual Sherman's
Ice Cream Social 

Hartman School


As soon as we saw the Carriage House at the Harbor, we were in love. The historic home,
set amongst the hundred year old mature trees, stole our hearts. There is something about this place that soothes the soul. Some call it “positive energy” or perhaps “good karma”. Whatever it is, we feel this is a special place.

When we learned that our beloved inn had earned top honors this year, we felt like proud parents. Named one of the “Top Ten Most Romantic Inns” in the country by, as well as voted “Best of the Great Lakes” by, it has become clear that we are not the only ones who recognize the unique and magical ambiance of the Carriage House.

Can you believe we were mentioned in such prestigious magazines as the LA News, Dallas Morning News, Forbes Travel Guide and more? We are so excited that 2009 has begun
with such prestigious honors, and look forward to welcoming our guests with the warmth
and character that this beautiful place deserves.

Carriage House Harbor • 118 Woodman • South Haven, MI 49090  
Phone:  269-639-2161 •Fax: 269-639-2308