bikesCome to South Haven slip on a lightweight sweater and enjoy the blaze of color. Halloween is creeping up and the pumpkins patches are waiting for you. Sip warm cider and chow down on donuts after you pick luscious apples.  We’ll even have yummy apple pancakes on the menu. The wineries are in full swing - taste and tour. Pedal through the crunchy leaves and feel the crisp cool air in your face.

Hope to see you soon! Suzanne, David and Khaki


Beginning Sept. 3
Meander through a Corn Maze Crane's Orchards. Click Here for all dates.

Sept. 3
Summer Artist's Market

Sept. 3 & 4
35th Annual Craft Fair

Sept. 8-10
Michigan Flywheelers Antique Show

Sept. 8-30

History of Costume Jewelry, Grand Haven

Sept. 9-11
Paw Paw Wine & Harvest Festival

September 9-13
Allegan County Fair

September 10
Wine Tasting 2-8, Douglas

Sept. 13
West Michigan Drum Circle
6:30-8, Felt Mansion

Sept. 16-18
Bangor Harvest Fest

Sept. 16-31
Metamorphose (a new art movement) M-F 10-4, S-S 1-4, SHCA

Sept. 16-30
Chrysanthemums at Frederick Meijer Gardens

Sept. 17
Clothes Line Art 10-2, Saugatuck

Sept. 21-30
Sculptures Today at Frederick Meijer Gardens

Sept. 21-30
Art Prize from September 21- October 9. This is a must see! Open to any artist in the world..with the largest, publicly chosen winner art prize in the world. Hundreds of pieces in every medium displayed through Grand Rapids. Pick a favorute and vote onine at the Art Prize site

Sept. 25
Allegan Antique Market

Sept. 30 - Nov. 13
Metamorphose - opening reception 5-7 SHCA



Oct. 1 & 2
DeGrandchamps Cranberry Harvest

Oct. 2
22nd Annual Blue Coast Artists Tour 10-6

Oct. 1-31
Metamorphose (a new art movement) M-F 10-4, S-S 1-4, SHCA

Oct. 1-31
Chrysanthemums at Frederick Meijer Gardens

Oct. 1-31
Sculptures Today at Frederick Meijer Gardens

Oct. 1-9
Artprize continues in Grand Rapids

Oct. 2
Oktoberfest 12-8

Oct. 7-9
Goose Festival in Fennville

Oct. 8
Lakeshore Harvest Road Rally

Oct. 9
Chili Cook-off 1-5, Wicks Park

Oct. 11
West Michigan Drum Circle
6:30-8, Felt Mansion

Oct. 21-30
Artprize continues in Grand Rapids. www.artprize.org

Oct. 29
Halloween Harvest Fest 10-5, Douglas



Nov. 5
Autumn Harvest Dinner at Fenn Valley Winery

Nov. 11-12
Holiday Craft Bazaar 9-4, 1st Congregational Church, Douglas

Nov. 12
Autumn Harvest Dinner at Fenn Valley Winery

Nov. 18-30
Mistletoe Market

Nov. 23
Ice Rink Opens

Nov. 25-30
Festival of Trees

Nov. 25
Tree Lighting Ceremony in Saugatuck


lake affect

Lake Michigan is a deep body of water that does not freeze over in the dead of winter. When the cold air masses drift across the lake in January and February, the open water warms the air, moderating the temperatures.

We call the weather moderating effect of a large body of water the "Lake Effect". It does cause heavy winter snowfall, which is the result of picking up moisture as the air passes over the water. But because of the Lake Effect we have milder winters along the shore.

It was always felt blueberries couldn’t be grown in Michigan because of the cold. In 1920 Stanley Johnson, head of the Agriculture Experimental Department of Michigan State University decided they would thrive due to The Lake Effect. He was right we are now the Blueberry Capital of the World.

Back in the early 70's, before any vineyards were in Michigan, Bill Welsch determined European cold tender grape varieties would grow along the shore. Now there are over 50 wineries along the coast.