Nature & Hiking      

South Haven
Kal-Haven Trail 269-637-5252
Hike, bike, horseback ride, or stroll on this 34-mile trail from South Haven to Kalamazoo. Travel through small towns, countryside, beautiful wooded areas, and pass points of historical interest, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. Passes needed April 1 –November 30.30 ($3 each; can be purchased at the Visitors Bureau and Outpost Sports. Valid on the Van Buren Trail).

Van Buren State Park
North Point Property
17 quiet acres with critical dunes, forests, and Lake Michigan frontage. Just north of the Van Buren State Park with an entrance and parking area on Ruggles Road off Blue Star Highway. A little known spot south of town..

Van Buren State Park and Trail
14 mile bike or hike trail. Starts on Love Joy St. and goes to Hartford. Not as well maintained as the Kal-Haven trail. Passes $3 each and can be purchased at the Visitors Bureau and Outpost Sports. Vaild on the Kal-Haven Trail.

Todd Farms (Fall) 118th St South Haven, MI Corn fields, geese, deer and other wildlife. People just park on the street and watch.

Sarett Nature Center 269-927-4832
2300 Benton Center Rd Benton Harbor, MI (25 minutes southeast) 
5 miles of trails meandering through 800 acres, running along the Paw Paw River bluffs. Enjoy great views of the river valley below. Boardwalks and observation platforms give you an up-close look at wetland wildlife and habitats including wet forests, cattail marshes, shrub carrs, and a unique alkaline wetland called a fen. Weekend program topics such as photography seminars, slide shows, field trips to local natural areas, canoeing and kayaking, snowshoe-making, wildflower walks, naturalist led hikes and more. Birding is a favorite activity at the Sarett Center. Check their website for a list of waterfowl and waders, fall migrations and raptors seen at the Sarett and birding activities available.